Gold star Mission

My aim is to encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills through English language learning. Life is nothing without a little fun, and if students enjoy learning, they will learn more and faster.

Critical thinking can be encouraged by asking students to look at things from a different perspective and use their amazing imaginations to think in a unique way. When you speak more than one language, you already know how to think in different ways.

My Experience

I love being a teacher! I have taught in British, Finnish and International Schools.  I am an experienced science teacher with a Master’s degree, a PGCE and a CELTA.  I am a qualified National Geographic Educator.

I live in a small village in rural Lapland.  I have taught English to local people of all ages and levels, but since having my own children, I have focused on online classes.  With more than 5 years’ experience teaching online, I have developed skills and strategies to make online learning even better than an ordinary class.

Gold Star Core Values

I believe that children should learn at their own pace and that learning should be enjoyable. My classroom atmosphere is warm, friendly and encouraging.  I incorporate the three main National Geographic themes in my lessons: