Learn English and develop thinking skills

Hello, I’m Sally

I am a qualified National Geographic Educator and ESL teacher from the UK.  Now I live in Finland.

I have taught science at British, International and Finnish schools. For the last few years, I have been teaching science and ESL online too.  I love being a teacher! Every day is different and we always have fun.

Today, I have my own company bringing the best in educational practice from all my experience to help students achieve their very own gold star!

i love to see the moment when a child makes a connection, and sees their world a different way.

Teacher Sally

Why develop critical thinking skills?

What do people say?

Teacher Sally warmly greeted her students at the start of the lesson. She 

engaged in a nice warmup chat with them to establish rapport. 

Teacher Sally had an incredibly pleasant demeanour. She was 

very kind, expressive, engaging, and encouraging –a natural teacher. Moreover, she fostered a very relaxed and 

positive learning environment for her students.

The teacher was extremely professional and very natural in her delivery. She was also very well received by her students. 

Teacher Sally was humorous and her students were very much 

engrossed in her lesson. It was an absolute pleasure watching 

her class

 Teacher Quality Department, Whales English

Sally has got to know Harry really well, she talks about lego and Ultraman with him. 

Harry loves to talk and act out stories.  He has fun in class and wants to learn more English so he can study science and dinosaurs in English. 

Harry’s mum

Amy doesn’t learn critical thinking at regular

school, but I think it’s important for her.  She is learning to see things from someone else’s point of view. She wants to study medicine in Europe one day.

Amy’s mum

Dear Sally,

Thank you so much for the time and thought you put into your National Geographic Educator Certification! Your capstone video showed the fascinating activities that have left a great impact on your young explorers. I love the way you used their local park and broadened their view to more green spaces. The way you seamlessly incorporated spatial perspectives was wonderful! Your creative activities are truly inspirational and I’m sure your students will remember them for a long time!

Thank you again for bringing National Geographic into your classroom and teaching students about the world!

Warm regards,

National Geographic Education Certification Team